We know online marketing.

We're obsessed with beautiful email design, studying email campaign data and developing strategies to increase your revenue. We also love helping business owners take a load off their plates.

We have extensive knowledge of Mailchimp, WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram strategy and more.

Emily Ryan

Emily Ryan

Co-Founder, Mailchimp & Digital Marketing Specialist, Taco Lover

After 11 years working in NYC for a startup and family foundation, working the 8-6pm grind, she left the cubicle life in 2015 to create her dream business from home (originally Emily Ryan Works), helping clients with their online marketing, whether it be email, Facebook ads or websites. Emily has been working in and around computers since a young age and loves teaching others how to use online programs and systems, like Instagram, Mac products and Gmail. (You can find her most days on Instagram Stories - @emilyryanlikes)

Starting with her first client, a non-profit based in Virginia and now managing many clients and 40+ email campaigns per month, Emily and her team work with clients ranging from tech and e-commerce companies to creative entrepreneurs and designers to lawyers, realtors, and brick and mortar small businesses. Emily now relies on her awesome team to manage the online marketing needs for companies big and small.

In her spare time, she is usually found running after her two little boys, Bear and Bodie. They now live in Chicago.

Elizabeth Bogh

Elizabeth Bogh

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Guru, CSS Wiz, Graphics Guru and Lover of Skiing

Elizabeth began her career in IT, working in Seattle for various .com’s where she managed the application and back-end side of things. Elizabeth brings a wealth of technical expertise to the team where she handles many WordPress and website issues and is the go-to person for solving many complex issues online.

In her very little spare time, she loves to ski, enjoy the outdoors and tries her best to keep up with her 5 and 14-year-old. She also loves living in Lake Tahoe.

Specialties: Photoshop, WordPress, IT, Lightroom, HTML, CSS, Windows

Mailchimp certified

Our Approach

We're Sisters In Tech

Elizabeth and Emily have worked together, building their dream digital marketing agency for nearly 5 years.


After working with many business owners of the years, we found that nearly everyone was bogged down by "growing their list" or finding the time to send out the necessary email campaigns. Our goal is to take the headache out of your monthly emails or your website design. We're obsessed with tech and all things online. We also happen to be sisters.


We also love being Mailchimp Partners and Mailchimp Certified.


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